Terms & Conditions
Riverfront Park Travel Apartments
Welcome to your Riverfront Park Travel Apartments . We’re so excited to host you! 

This is our Rental Agreement. And, although we’ve tried to make this Agreement easier to read  than most legal agreements, it’s still a legal document. So please read it carefully, as it’s a binding agreement that governs (a) your Reservation with us (which we’ll call the “Reservation”), (b) our  cancelation policy, (c) the fees associated with violating our rules, and (d) the other terms and  conditions governing your stay with us at one of our “Rental Units.” For convenience, we’ll refer to this Agreement throughout as either the “Rental Agreement” or, simply, the “Agreement.”  Also, we’ll refer to ourselves (which includes our employees, officers, and agents) as “Riverfront Park Travel Apartments” or “we” or “us” and we’ll refer to you as either our “Guest” or, simply, “you.”  

So again, WELCOME! Let’s start with a few basics: 

How to stay like a local
There are so many awesome things to see, do, eat, and drink just steps away from your Rental Unit. That being said, to help you have the best stay possible, we have a few tips for you on staying the Riverfront Park Travel Apartments way: 
1. You’re living like a local, be respectful of the other locals. 
2. All of our Rental Units are smoke-free environments. 
3. Pets are awesome, but they aren’t allowed in our Rental Units. However, if you have a service animal or an emotional support animal, contact us and we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs, as required by law.  
4. Your stay details should already be complete. If they aren’t, give us a call ASAP so we can rectify that! 
5. Your friend, your responsibility. Pretty simple: if you invite them to your Rental Unit, you’re responsible for their actions.  
6. There are occupancy rules at Riverfront Park Travel Apartments. Please check out Section 7 below for occupancy requirements.  
7. We’re here to help!  So, if you need something, just give us a call at 866-648-1322.  
8. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind. We suggest taking one last look around before you head home as fees are associated with us sending you your belongings. The extra five minutes is worth it!  
9. Should you break anything, really mess something up, or decide to stay longer than your agreed upon length of stay, we have the right to charge you additional fees, but we’d really rather not (and we’re sure you’d rather not too!).  

So, get out there and explore! We want all of our guests to have the most amazing stay. Thank you for choosing Riverfront Park Travel Apartments. 

Here are the basic terms and conditions for your stay, as well as a list of fees associated with violations of this Agreement (not that you'll need it!): 

1. AGREEMENT TO BE BOUND.  This Agreement defines our terms and conditions. By booking a Rental Unit from Riverfront Park Travel Apartments, you’re agreeing to: (a) accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement; (b) follow the rules; and (c) accept the consequences described in this Agreement if you break the rules. 

2. TERM OF AGREEMENT.  This Agreement takes effect when you make your Reservation and expires upon relinquishment of the Rental Unit. Early check-ins and late check-outs must be authorized in writing (e-mails are fine) by a representative of Riverfront Park Travel Apartments. 

3. REQUIRED PAYMENT.  Full Payment of your rental charge is due at time of booking unless an exception is authorized in writing by a representative of Riverfront Park Travel Apartments.  

4. CANCELLATION.  Rooms may be canceled based upon the following guidelines depending upon which online platform you used to make your reservation: 
a.  Free Cancellation up to 14 days prior to Check-in. Cancellation between 13 and 8 days prior to check-in is eligible for a 50% refund. The reservation is nonrefundable within 7 days of check-in. 
b. Free Cancellation within 24 hours of Booking.
C. Cancellation policy listed under reservation booked via Online Travel Agency (ex: Airbnb, Booking.com, etc.).

5. RESERVATION CHANGES.  Changes to your Reservation made more than 13 days prior to your check-in date may be allowed at the sole discretion of Riverfront Park Travel Apartments. 

6. SUBSTITUTION OF ACCOMMODATIONS.  Unforeseen circumstances may cause your confirmed Rental Unit to become unavailable, and Riverfront Park Travel Apartments reserves the right to substitute a different Rental Unit. We’ll make every effort to ensure that your accommodations are of equivalent value. If Riverfront Park Travel Apartments can’t find replacement accommodations, we’ll notify you as soon as reasonably possible and we’ll refund any payments you’ve made. 

7. OCCUPANCY LIMITS.  Please respect the occupancy limits listed below, unless the Online Travel Agent you booked with has listed a different number: 
a. One-bedroom Rental Unit: 4 persons 
b. One-bedroom "Quiet" Rental Unit: 2 persons
c. Two-bedroom Rental Unit: 6 persons 
8. MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT.  Guests must be 18 years of age or older to make a Reservation, and the Guest who made the Reservation must be present for the duration of the stay. If the Guest who made the Reservation isn’t present during the stay, occupants may be removed from the Rental Unit and the Reservation may be canceled without refund.  

9. FALSIFIED RESERVATION.  If you make your Reservation fraudulently, or through misrepresentation of fact, your Reservation will be canceled, and you’ll lose any payments you’ve made. You agree that Riverfront Park Travel Apartments will not be liable for any injury or damage to property or people that results from such a Reservation, and you agree to indemnify Riverfront Park Travel Apartments as described in Section 23 of this Agreement. 

10. ANIMALS.  Riverfront Park Travel Apartments does not allow pets in any of its Rental Units. If you violate this rule, you’ll be fined for bringing your pet and for any damage caused by your pet. If you plan on traveling with a service animal or an emotional support animal, Riverfront Park Travel Apartments  will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs, as required by law. 

11. SMOKING.  Smoking or vaping of any substance, legal or otherwise, is prohibited in your Rental Unit, and in the property’s common areas. 
12. EXCESSIVE NOISE.  Riverfront Park Travel Apartments is committed to respecting our neighbors and to promoting a peaceful, safe, memorable experience for all our guests. You agree to refrain from any activities that would disrupt the peace of neighboring properties and rental units. In other words, no excessive noise, smells, lights.

You agree to comply with the property’s rules, including quiet hours (9:00 PM to 7:00 AM), and to all local noise regulations. If law enforcement or the building staff are called because of the actions of you or your party, it’s at your sole risk and expense, and it may result in additional charges and/or immediate eviction without a refund for any unused nights.  

13. PROHIBITED CONDUCT.  You, other occupants of the Rental Unit, and any guests, invited or otherwise (“your party”), agree not to break the law or engage in activities that may disturb or threaten the rights, comfort, health, safety, or convenience of others, including Riverfront Park Travel Apartments employees, building staff, building residents, or other Riverfront Park Travel Apartments guests. Prohibited conduct includes, without limitation, the following activities: disrupting Riverfront Park Travel Apartments’ business operations; verbal or physical harassment; manufacturing, delivering, possessing with intent to deliver, or otherwise possessing a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia; engaging in or threatening violence; possessing a  weapon prohibited by state law; discharging a firearm in the apartment community; displaying or possessing a gun, knife, or other weapon in the common area in a way that may alarm others; storing anything in utility closets that house any gas appliances; tampering with utilities or telecommunications; bringing hazardous materials into the apartment community; or taking any action that would damage Riverfront Park Travel Apartments’ reputation in any way, including making any untrue allegations against Riverfront Park Travel Apartments to others, whether online or otherwise. 

14. EVICTION.  You are responsible for the actions of your party, whether those actions take place in the Rental Unit or on the property. You and your party may be evicted by Riverfront Park Travel Apartments, the building’s management, or other lawful authorities for violating the rules of conduct set forth in Section 16 of this Agreement. You and your party can also be evicted for failure to vacate the Rental Unit by checkout time, for failure to pay required fees, for failing to comply with any of the rules listed in this Agreement, for failure to adhere to the property’s rules, for smoking in the Rental Unit, for the presence of unauthorized pets in your Rental Unit, for noise violations or for disturbing the peace, or for unlawful actions of you or your party. 

15. GUEST LIABILITY.  You are responsible for insuring your personal items and those of any occupants and people you invite to your Rental Unit. You agree to be held liable for damage to your Rental Unit and its contents that occurs during your stay, excluding normal  wear and tear. If your actions or the actions of your party cause the Rental Unit to become uninhabitable, you agree to pay the cost to repair and the posted nightly rate until the Rental Unit becomes habitable again.  

16. USE OF PREMISES AND AMENITIES.  While you’re staying with us, you agree to follow the property’s rules. You are responsible for keeping your Rental Unit neat and orderly. The Rental Unit and common areas are to be used for residential purposes only, and no commercial, industrial or retail activity can be conducted unless authorized in writing by Riverfront Park Travel Apartments. 

17. PROHIBITION OF ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING.  Guest may not sublet any part of the Rental Unit or assign this Agreement without Riverfront Park Travel Apartments’ prior written consent. Guest may not sublet or rent any part of the Rental Unit for short term stays of any duration,  including but not limited to vacation rentals. Violating this clause is grounds for terminating this Agreement. 

18. VACATING.  When your Reservation expires, you agree to vacate the Rental Unit – voluntarily and peacefully. And you agree to leave the Rental Unit clean and in good condition, excluding ordinary wear and tear. 

19. REFUNDS FOR ISSUES OUTSIDE Riverfront Park Travel Apartments’ CONTROL.  Some things are out of Riverfront Park Travel Apartments’ control, and we are not able to issue refunds for them. This list includes, but isn’t limited to: (a) environmental noise; (b) personal emergencies of Guest; (c) flight delays or other travel-related issues; (d) inclement weather; (e) internet or cable connectivity problems; (f) any states of emergency or government-declared evacuations; or (g) any delay or failure caused by acts of God or other causes beyond Riverfront Park Travel Apartments’ reasonable control, including fire, flood, earthquake, accident, storm, explosions, strike or labor dispute, act of war, pandemics and terrorism. Any such event, and any other event specifically identified in this Agreement, shall be deemed a “force majeure” event. 

20. DAMAGES.  If there’s damage to your Rental Unit, you agree to report it to Riverfront Park Travel Apartments immediately by calling Riverfront Park Travel Apartments at 866-648-1322. Any damage to the Rental Unit or the property by you or your party will be charged to your credit card. Broken or missing items will be included in these charges.  

21. REPORTING OF PROBLEMS.  If you experience a problem with your Rental Unit during your stay, report it to Riverfront Park Travel Apartments by calling 866-648-1322. We’ll do our best to fix the problem. If the problem wasn’t fixed, notify us in writing within 7 days of your check out date.

22. NATURE OF OCCUPANCY.  Guest represents that Guest’s use and occupancy of the Rental Unit is of a transient nature and the Rental Unit is not intended to be a permanent residence of Guest. Guest’s occupancy and use of the Rental Unit shall NOT create any landlord/tenant relationship. This Agreement is not a lease and is not intended to convey to Guest any real property interest or estate in or to the Rental Unit or any other portion of the Property. Riverfront Park Travel Apartments retains the right to control, manage, and possess the Rental Unit.  You do not have the right to exclude Riverfront Park Travel Apartments from the Rental Unit, and, at the expiration of this Agreement, Riverfront Park Travel Apartments has the right to remove anyone in the Rental Unit as trespassers. 

23. INDEMNIFICATION.  You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Riverfront Park Travel Apartments and its directors, shareholders, officers, employees, and agents from and against any damages, claims, costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) and liabilities, whether for personal injury, property damage or otherwise, arising (a) in relation to this Agreement or a breach thereof, or (b) from any act or omission of Guest, Rental Unit  occupants or any invitees of Guest, provided that Guest’s indemnity obligations shall not extend to any situation caused by the negligent or willful acts of Riverfront Park Travel Apartments.  

24. WAIVER.  The waiver by Riverfront Park Travel Apartments of any breach by Guest of the provisions of this Agreement shall not constitute a continuing waiver or a waiver of any subsequent breach by Guest of the same provision or any other provision in this Agreement. 

25. RIGHT OF ENTRY.  Riverfront Park Travel Apartments and the building property staff have the right to enter your Rental Unit if necessary.  

26. TERMS.  The section headings in this document are not limiting and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement. Whenever the singular number is used in this Agreement, and when required by the context, the same shall include the plural and vice versa, and the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. 

27. SEVERABILITY.  Each provision of this Agreement is an independent clause, and if any one provision is unenforceable, that doesn’t affect the enforceability of any other provision. 

28. FORCE MAJEURE.  Neither of us is liable for failure to meet the terms of this Agreement if it’s due to force majeure (i.e. an “Act of God”), provided that reasonable efforts are made to notify the other party about such an event and its expected duration. 

29. ENTIRE AGREEMENT.  We both agree that this Agreement contains our entire understanding with respect to your booking with Riverfront Park Travel Apartments and supersedes any other agreement between us, whether written or oral. Neither one of us can change or amend this Agreement without the other’s written consent. 

30. GOVERNING LAW AND VENUE.  This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington without regard to its principles of conflicts of laws. We both agree that the sole venue for any mediation or judicial action related to this Agreement shall be in Spokane County, Washington. We both consent to personal jurisdiction of the courts in Spokane, Washington.  

31. ATTORNEYS’ FEES.  The prevailing party in any lawsuit arising from or relating to this Agreement is entitled to recover its costs, including reasonable attorney fees. 

32. PACKAGES AND MAIL.  Neither Riverfront Park Travel Apartments nor apartment building will accept shipping or mail for any guest. Guest is advised to utilize FedEx, UPS, or Amazon lockers nearby. 

(all charges in $USD, unless otherwise noted) 
  • Unauthorized Late Check Out: Up to the cost of any impacted nights subsequent to originally scheduled check-out 
  • Smoking in Room/Common Area: $500.00 minimum charge and eviction from Rental Unit
  • Excessive Cleaning: Up to $125.00 per hour of additional cleaning needed  
  • Damaged/Missing Items: Varies depending on cost of item 
  • Unauthorized Pets: $250.00 plus any damages or additional cleaning costs incurred 
  • Noise Complaints: Warning issued or, if necessary, eviction with no refund, charge for any costs related to lost revenue or other expenses related to another Guest impacted by your behavior, and a charge of up to $500.00 
  • Party in Unit or Common Area: Up to $500.00.00 plus any damages to Riverfront Park Travel Apartments 
  • Forgotten Personal Belongings:  $50.00 minimum charge for costs incurred to return personal belongings to Guest 
Riverfront Park Travel Apartments
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